Call Answering Services

IVR Enabled Services and Missed Call Reverts

With the increasing business, the demand of customers also increases. In such cases it becomes very important that companies are equipped with advanced solutions and platforms. In the growing age, it is difficult for any company to hire and maintain large number of employees for each process. But when the number of customer queries start increasing, it is important that organizations choose a supporting hand which caters to the customer queries rapidly. In such cases most of the companies outsource IVR enabled and missed call revert services to specialized agencies.

Riddhi Corporate Service Limited (RCSPL) is a leading and professional company with dedicated teams of resources and state-of-art infrastructure in Ahmedabad, India. We have more than a decade of experience in offering a wide range of business services like data entry, conversion, customer support and inbound & outbound call centre services. Our aim is to offer the highest quality of services to our client at low cost model. We have created a comprehensive business services platform as we understand that every business needs different kind of support at each level. Choose RCSPL and select the type of business you need.

How outsourcing IVR enabled service and missed call revert services work?

IVR Enabled Services

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an advanced and automated platform using which customers and subscribers can easily route to the required information. The IVR has been configured and implemented in a way that any customer calls the defined number; the system automatically starts playing the fed details. It is an interactive process which needs least manual intervention and customers can information quickly.

Missed Call Reverts

Instead of asking the customers to call on specific number, most of the companies offer a number on which customers can give a missed call. The system records the number of missed records received in a day with date and time and executives further process it in their task. Even if your business is closed or executives are not available, system will record the call alert. It shows that you value for your customers and at the same time you do not miss out the important calls while you are closed.

Why outsource call answering services to RCSPL?

If you are looking for experienced and professional outsourcing company in India then your search ends at RCSPL. With experienced and trained team of executives, we can provide you the best in class service at the most competitive prices. We believe that when you need the best results then you need to choose the team. We have been in this industry for a while and we understand that quality and innovation are the two major platform on which we can form the long term relationship with clients.

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