Document Management Services

For any growing company it is very important that it manages the amount of documents growing along with its processes and functions. Scattered documents and data at various locations of the company get piled up and become difficult to identify when it is actually needed. In order to avoid such type of circumstances, it is recommended that companies improve their document management process. Improving data bank or the document management system is a series of process and result of combined efforts. It needs to be extracted, collated, converted, aligned, updated, managed and then maintained. Instead of spending the valuable time of their in-house team, almost all the companies outsource document management services to external vendors.

Riddhi Corporate Services Limited (RCSPL) is a leading and well-known document management service provider in India catering to a variety of national and international customers from US, UK, Canada, and Australia. From financial documents to legal documents and technical documents to general documents, we have knowledge in managing all sorts of documents in proper format and platform. Our team of experienced professionals can help you develop a centralized database platform where the entire document can be stored to make it more accessible and actionable. Outsource document management services to RCSPL and leverage our expertise.

How does outsourcing document management services work?

Just like each document is unique and different, the solution for each and every company is also unique and innovative. Our experienced team of document management service understand your business requirements and based on your needs they design a solution. However, the basic processes involved in streamlining the document management are as below:

  • Extracting the data from different sources and locations. It can include online data, paper data, hand written data, etc.
  • Collating the entire information in proper format to make it conversion ready.
  • Converting the paper data, image data and hand written data into proper digitized format.
  • Formatting the entire data into proper structured data, as per the database of the client.
  • Indexing and using proper file names or subject for each data
  • Transferring entire data to centralized platform in client’s network using file sharing, FTP, etc.

Why outsource document management services to RCSPL?

By outsourcing document management services to RCSPL, you can save up to 60% of the capex and opex cost. Choosing RCSPL for document management services enables you to gain access to the most experienced and reliable team of executives who have strong industry knowledge in managing a wide variety of documents. We assure you to provide best in class services at the most cost-effective rates.

If you need additional information regarding outsourcing document management services to RCSPL then please fill in the enquiry form. Our executives will get in touch with you soon.