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Product/Brand Promotions at Events, Exhibitions

Trade shows and exhibitions can be an excellent way to promote your business and the products and services that you offer. They are also a great way to network with other industry members and grow your customer base. A trade show is an event where goods and services in a specific industry are exhibited and demonstrated to other businesses. An exhibition is the same, except the audience is normally the general public.

Lead Generations is one of the most imperative benefits of events and exhibitions, especially those organized at a large scale. Given that each visitor has a potential customer within him/her that is ready to be tapped, the potential for lead generation becomes immense. Simply asking for contact information or getting the business cards of the visitors can go a long way in getting fresh leads and converting them. All that a business would need to do, is getting in touch with the leads right after the exhibition.

Furthermore, events and exhibitions offer an unparalleled opportunity for face-to-face interactions with a wide array of potential customers, something that most advertising and marketing mediums fail to do. Given the immense potential that events and exhibitions offer various business to grow and prosper, their significance stands truly unmatched.

By taking care of the external appearance of the event we help our clients focus more on their internal works without any tension. We provide strategic planning and designing of events and exhibitions.

Road Shows for Product/Brand Promotions

A road show is a series of marketing events comprised of business meetings and conferences. During a road show, this is organized across different geographic regions and cities.

The ideas we put, adds value to the event, without compromising with the quality and techniques. With the team of young and creative professionals and our presence in 11 states of India we put all the efforts to make the event successful. Our mission is to provide high standard, well-organized product launch event to our clients by taking off the entire burden off their shoulders and providing them in the cost-effective manner.

We design, fabricate, handle promotions and analyze customer reactions when executing a road show. Our expertise in road shows will enable you to reach out to a large number of audiences. And always make sure that the message conveyed to the target audience by our clients in the best possible manner

Customer Tele-calling

Tele calling is an effective and economic method for contacting and informing our new and existing customers about our products and service. But it has to be done carefully. A tele caller can make an effective and efficient call by following the underlying tips.

We provide tele-calling services for below business needs:

  • Service calls
  • Welcome calls
  • Feedback calls
  • Verification calls
  • Retention calls
  • Sales & Marketing calls
  • Collection calls